Chikoo Milkshake || Sapota Milkshake – Cheap and healthy fruit

“Chikoo” , “Chikkkkuuuuu” . Isn’t it cute to call it. I just love this fruit name more than the fruit itself. And this name is familiar only in India. Because there are many other name for chikoo across the world. Some of the names are sapote, nose berry, sapodilla plum, chico sapote etc.

One of cheapest and healthiest fruit. Worth for money fruit. Very east to make and satisfying recipe. Let’s see how to make delicious chikoo milkshake recipe.

  • Prep Time: less than 10 mins
  • Total Time: less than 10 mins
  • Serves: 2

  Ingredients needed:  

  • Ripe Chikoo /Sapota – 4 medium size
  • Milk – 1 cup
  • Sugar or Jaggery – Optional
  • Ice cream – 1 scoop to serve
  • Few nuts – to serve



  • Remove the skin of Chikoo / sapota ; Cut it randomly and remove the seeds.
  • Blend together the chikoo, milk, sugar optional until smooth shake is obtained
  • Chikoo milk shake is ready to serve

Pour few drops of chocolate syrup on the sides of the serving glass and pour the milk shake.

Serve cold with scoop of ice cream and nuts on top of it


  • Only Ripe fruit. Otherwise it will be sticky and raw taste in mouth
  • You can also add sugar or honey for more sweetness. But chikoo fruit itself sweet sometimes. So you can adjust as needed
  • You can also blend a scoop of ice cream along with milk and chikoo
  • Its benefits:
    • Cheapest and easily available
    • Natural sweet; so, it gives energy
    • Fiber rich; So, good for stomach helps in digestion, constipation related problems
    • Contains lots of minerals and good for bones

Eat healthy and Be happy.

Thank you. Meet you soon with another easy and tasty recipe.


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