CROCHET LEARNING #5: Crochet Foundation chain

The crochet chain is the first stitch we need to learn when starting our very first project. Because the chain (ch) stitch is the foundation for crochet. Most of the patterns begin with a chain stitch. The chain stitch is technically called as Foundation chain.


Let’s learn the crochet chain.

Make a Slip knot (Refer Crochet Learnings #4: How to make Crochet Slip knot Written instructions and Vide tutorial)

Place the slip knot on the hook. Crochet point and thumb rest facing you. Hold the slip knot end in your other hand

Move the crochet hook underneath the yarn; That is Yarn over – yo. So, your yarn will be on top and crochet hook under it.

Rotate the hook down, until it is facing down or towards slip knot. I.e. Wrap the yarn over your hook from back to front.

Pull the yarn through the loop on your hook, and this creates the first chain.

Continue this process by using yarn over and pull through techniques to create more chains.

  •  As the crochet chain (foundation chain) gets longer, continue to move your fingers up the chain to keep control.
  • Each chain should be the same size.
  • If your stitches are tight and you are not able to pull the hook through the stitch… you need to relax your hands more.
  • If the stitches are loose, then make sure your grip on the yarn and hook is little tighter…
  • Keep your hands (hook and yarn) little closer together

 Counting the chain is very important to create a perfect pattern. Let’s see how we can count the foundation chain. Always ignore the strand/yarn on the hook. Start counting the chain right below the hook. (Please refer video for demonstration)


Please join me with the next video: Crochet Learning #6: “Single Crochet stitch”


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