CROCHET LEARNING #2: Crochet Hook handling

Before we start learning how to hold a crochet hook, let’s see little more about the crochet hook.  (Please refer video)



  • Hold the hook in your dominant hand; If you are right handed person, hold it in your right hand; else left hand
  • There are lot of techniques or methods available across the internet and learning materials on handling crochet hook. But you are the one to decide that suits best for you.
  • By practice, you can slowly identify the best technique that you can handle.
  • But still, it is always good to know the ins and out. There are two techniques basically; Knife and Fold method.
  • It just like it sounds, hold your hook the exact same way you hold the Knife and Folk. (See Video for clear demonstrations)















Try different methods and keep on practicing to fix the best way for you.

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