VENDHAYA KALI | வெந்தய களி – Best food for summer

Vendhaya kali | வெந்தய களி in Tamil is popular South Indian recipe. One of the healthiest food we should consider in our diet during summer to make our body cool. It plays vital role in Women’s health as well, during Puberty and Pregnancy period. Vendhayam / Fenugreek seeds is a best medicine for women to ease their Menstrual problems. Also the vendhayam is a natural coolant and has many health benefits like digestion, diabetes , pain management etc.


















  • Prep Time: 5 mins + Overnight Soaking
  • Cooking time: 30 Mins
  • Serves – 2

Ingredients needed:

  • Rice 1 cup ( Puzhungal Arisi)
  • Vendhayam | methi seeds   2 tblsp (big)
  • Urad dal| ulundu   1 tblsp (Optional)
  • Sesame oil | nallenai 6 tblsp
  • Ghee 1 tblsp
  • Vellam | jaggery 3/4 cup
  • Cardamom powder a pinch (optional)





  • Wash and soak the rice and vendhayam/Fenugreek seeds separately in a bowl overnight.
  • Grind this in a mixie or grinder. Grinding this into a very smooth paste is advisable. But still, slightly coarse is also fine. Many people grind this into smooth paste.
  • The batter will give good volume after grinding and will be fluffy too.
  • Add the batter to the pan and salt as needed.
  • Add some more water to bring the mixture to a watery consistency as like a rava dosa batter.
  • Meanwhile take a pan / Heavey bottomed vessel , add  1/2cup of water and bring to boil
  • Once water boils, add the batter slowly; KEEP STIRRING WHILE ADDING THE BATTER
  • Keep this in a low flame and continue stirring.
  • Cook till the mixture leaves the sides and comes to halwa consistency
  • Wet your hands and touch the mixture; If it is not sticky, then it’s a perfect consistency; If it sticks, then cook for some more minutes
  • Switch off the flame and Enjoy the Kali with Jaggery and Seasame oil

How to eat?

Eating a vendhaya kali is an art, I would say J. Firstly, we should eat it before it gets cold. Only if it is hot, it will be great to eat.  Once the Kali is ready, pour it in the plate, make a dent and put the jaggery | palm jaggery in the center and pour sesame oil on top of it. Jaggery will get melted in the hot Kali. Start taking kali from the outer circle and eat along with the melted jaggery soaked in a sesame oil. The Kali circle keeps decreasing while we are eating. J

Please watch my video for the demo: P


  • Traditionally karupatti / palm jaggery is used instead of jaggery.  If you have Karupatti, I would suggest to go for it.
  • Ensure that the entire process is done in low flame else the mixture will form lumps.
  • Also the batter consistency is very very important. If it is not watery, we will not get the Halwa like Kali.
  • Strongly recommend to make it as a breakfast at least once in a week during summer.
  • Another important thing, Prefer doing it over the weekends. Only then all of our family members will be at home and all can have it same time when it is hot.
  • Many others do vendhaya kali in Raw rice / Pacharasi or Idly rice also.
  • Alternative method
    • You can melt the Jaggery and add it to the Kali when it is almost cooked. If you do so, add ghee or Sesame oil to the kali while cooking.
    • You can grind the Rice and Fenugreek seeds/Vendhayam in a rice mill as a powder and keep it in a container; When you want to make a Kali, You can add 4 spoons of that powder per person and dilute it in the batter consistency as said and make the kali. This is one of the easiest method where you don’t need a prior plan to do the vendhaya Kali (Soaking overnight and grinding the batter procedure is not needed). Measurement is for 1KG of RICE, take 250gms of Fenugreek seeds.

Thanks for your time. Pleas do let me know your comments or feedback.

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