Crochet in Tamil

Welcome to Hems Lobby. Hope I have been useful to you through my channel – Kitchen recipes, DIY and other useful information. It’s great to have any hobby that you are passionate about. It’s good to have hobby that makes you feel distress and happy. Whether you knit, paint, cook, gardening, play or exercise. We should do what we love and what makes us happy and complete.

I don’t say crochet and knitting are the best hobby. But they are best for me at times in my life. Maybe they are for you too!

Here I am going to share the basics of knitting and crocheting, its techniques, different stitches/styles, various projects etc.

Introduction video (Not a tutorial)

Learn Crochet Basics in Tamil:

Crochet Learning #1 – Crochet Tools You Need to Get Started
Crochet Learning #2 – How to hold Crochet Hook
Crochet Learning #3 – How to Hold/Handle  Yarn
Crochet Learning #4 –  Crochet Slip Knot
Crochet Learning #5 – Crochet  foundation chain
Crochet Learning #6 –  Single Crochet Stitch (Tamil/English)
Crochet Learning #7 –  Single Crochet Stitch Project – Dish cloth (Tamil/English)
Crochet Learning #8 –  Double Crochet Stitch (Tamil/English)
Crochet Learning #9 –  Half Double Crochet Stitch (Tamil/English)

Crochet Projects Tamil tutorials:  (Click Here)






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