Crochet Learning #1: Crochet tools you need to get started

Learn about the tools and supplies you need to get started in crochet as a beginner. This video covers the type of yarn, crochet hook and scissors that every beginner should have when learning the basics.



  1. Crochet Hook:-
  • The best crochet hook to purchase when first learning how to crochet is a size I-9 hook. Many feels that a size H-8 crochet hook is best, but I recommend an I-9 or K- 10.5 hooks, because of the comfort it provides and also it creates bigger stitches.
  • Hooks are available in different materials: Aluminum, plastic, wood. Chose aluminum hook when you learn. This will be great to handle and affordable too. The wooden and Plastic hooks do not glide well. But you can use it later when you are an expert.
  1. Yarn:-
  • Choose a yarn that is solid in color, and make sure you stay away from a multicolored, light colored or patterned yarn for now, because the stitches will be very difficult to distinguish when first learning how to crochet.
  • Purchase a worsted weight yarn made of acrylic or wool fibers. (Size 4 Medium). If you are in USA, try the ‘Red heart Yarn -super saver – Worsted 4’. This is a perfect one for us to learn the basics.
  1. Scissors:-
  • Purchase a pair of scissors that are small and have a sharp point. This type of scissor is made for crafts like crochet. Or any scissors available will also work.


After you get the supplies you need, make sure to join me for next video: Crochet Learnings #2: “How to Hold a Crochet Hook”

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