Fake/ Plastic eggs? – How to identify it?

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Every one of us are astonished and shocked to know that people are buying fake eggs from the market and eating regularly as they are not aware and do not know how to identify fake eggs as well.

An egg has three parts: (1) Egg Shell (2) Egg White (3) Egg Yoke

Fake egg’s shell is made of Calcium Carbonate mainly. Egg Yolk and Egg White are made of Sodium alginate, Alum, Gelatin, Calcium Chloride (NaCl), water and food color.

Let us see, how to identify fake chicken eggs from the real ones. This post will help you step by step and the Video.

  1. After cracking the fake egg, the white and yolk will not mix together quickly. Egg yolk (yellow) part will be little hard to break
  2. Fake eggs have slightly shinier shells than real ones.
  3. The shells of the fake eggs feel rougher and elastic to tear it.
  4. Real eggs smell like raw meat.
  5. When frying a fake egg, the yolk will spread without being touched. And Finally
  6. If you keep the real egg in the light in a dark room, you will see a small pores kind of black dot which is a natural pore for eggs to breathe. Whereas the fake eggs will not have any such pores. Instead you will be seeing the entire yellow yolk.

    ( Please watch the video below for demo)

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