Healthy snack series for Lock down period

Hello everyone,

Entire world is facing a very crucial situation by fighting against the deadly virus called Corona / Covid19. This is the perfect time for us to show us the unity , humanity, togetherness and also time to recreate our self from our mistakes. Let the mother earth gets refreshed. Let the animals, birds and other creatures have their freedom and me time. And we the human being , set back and stay home. Staying home and social distancing is the only medicine we have right now.

I know it is very hard for most of us to stay home. Isn’t it? But wait… lets rephrase our thought process and make use of this opportunity to live our life. Learn the meaning of living a life. Lets take a break from our busy routine, sit relax, eat healthy, exercise, be kind and listen to your own heart.

There are lot of ways to make our self engaged and be productive during this lock down period. I find myself busy with my regular home works, my little angel sastika and cooking. Cooking has been my hobby, passion, art, meditation, my friend .. Happy me in the kitchen 🙂

So decided to share some of the healthy snack recipes for us to munch in this lock-down period. Hope you will find it useful and helpful.

Highlights of this recipes are

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Easyly available ingredients
  3. From leftover foods
  4. Healthy and not junky
  5. Perfect for food rationing during this lockdown period