How i lost 15kgs in 2023 – Healthy weight loss

  1. Sunrise to Sunset: Eating window
  2. Hunger rule: Eat only if you are hungry, Supply when demand!
    1. Are you really hungry?
    2. Thirst?
    3. Craving?
      1. For favorite food
      2. By smell
      3. By seeing the food
      4. Environment/circumstances: Party, hotel
    4. Emotional eating: Stress, happiness
    5. No Snacking in between the meals
    6. Eat until you feel satisfied, but do not over eat: Satisfaction occurs when we eat tummy full, favorite food, tasty food, variety of food in one meal, when end it with liquids
  3. Eat mindfully
    1. Try to sit on the floor by Crisscrossed and eat
    2. Eat without distractions like phone calls, TV, social media
    3. Complete your meal within 20 to 30 mins
    4. Chew completely and eat
    5. Enjoy your food while eating
  4. Eat a Complete nutritious meal
    1. Good complex carbs, fibers, healthy fat
      1. At least 1 vegetable in a meal
      2. Include good fats as possible
      3. Non vegetarian for lunch only (before 3 pm)
  5. Avoid Sugars (strictly for weight loss)
    1. Direct sugars – Sugar (white, brown), Jaggery, etc.
    2. Sugary fruits – Apple, banana, grapes, mango, watermelon, etc
  6. Say NO to
    1. Processed foods
    2. Packed foods
    3. Refined foods
    4. Junk
  7. Be hydrated
    1. Know your body if it required water or not – Lips, skin, urine color, thirsty
    2. Do not drink water forcefully

Some of the keywords, concepts we should aware of:

  1. Circadian rhythm
  2. What will happen if we eat late after sunset: Digestion Process
  3. What will happen when we eat food without hunger
  4. Natural fat burning method: Fasting
  5. Intermittent fasting
    1. Eating for a period of time and fasting rest of the day:  12: 12, 8:16, 6: 18, 4:20 ; I am not convinced completely with this method, as we tend to over eat, or we may need to eat after sunset too
    2. Eating 2 or 3 times and fasting in between and rest of the day: BEST method that works for me
    3. One meal a day – OMAD
  6. All about Insulin hormone
    1. Insulin resistance
    2. Insulin hormone Vs happy hormone

Step 1: Follow hunger rule, eat between sun set to sun rise, drink water only in between, no snacking

Step 2: Same as step 1, and Dinner before 5 pm

Step 3: Step 1, 2 and Calorie deficit

Step 4: Step 1, 2, 3 and Focusing on less carbs

Step 5:  Try for 2 meals a day

Step 6: 1st meal: cooked meal and 2nd meal: whole food meal/ Liquids

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