How to make Coconut Flour & Coconut Milk [Homemade] – Gluten + Grain free healthy flour – Keto|Paleo

Coconut is extremely healthy in all forms. Now a day we are experiencing new brand called coconut flour which is gluten free, low glycemic index and perfect for baking. Most of our Indian foods are full of coconut either as a coconut milk or grated coconut. I still remember fertilizing the left-over pulp from coconut milk extraction to the rose plants. Now I am wondering that left pulp has taken first place in the market and I would buy it with so much of money. Oh god. Why should I spend money to buy coconut flour when I know how to make coconut milk at home? Why to waste the left-over coconut pulp.

  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins

Ingredients needed:

  •  Grated coconut – 1 cup



  1. Extract coconut milk
    1. Add water and grind the coconut pulp in a mixie or blender to extract the coconut milk
    2. Make sure we extracted all the fat from coconut
    3. Store this left-over coconut in a freeze, whenever you extract coconut milk
    4. Fish fry masala is ready now
  2. Prepare coconut flour:
    1. Once you saved enough amount to make the coconut powder, take it out of freezer and bring it to normal temperature for sometime
    2. We can do the next step in three ways
      1. Heat a pan and roast the coconut pulp on a medium flame until it is dry and no moisture
      2. Or you can pre heat the oven and roast it on a low temperature until it is dry and no moisture
      3. Or you can sun dry it for couple of days; Make sure to protect it from dirt’s.
  • Once it is cool, grind it into a fine powder using blender / Mixie.
  • Store coconut flour in a clean air tight container