Morning drinks for Good skin, hair and weight loss

Whowould say no to a glowing skin , shining hair and ideal body weight with attractive shape. Yes its a dream of everybody. We all working hard and strive to attain it. So i decided to play my little part and benefit you with this few wonder drinks recipe which will help you move forward to reach your goal faster.

I am sharing some of the effortless and tasty morning drinks that i have been following for many years. Trust me it definitely works when you take it regularly.

Water melon cut fruits Mint Punch
  • Water melons fruit cube
  • Mint leaves
  • Ginger pieces
  • Jaggery / Dates / Palm sugar (Optional)
  1. Blend everything together with ice cubes or cold water
  2. Add few cut pieces of watermelon while serving
Carrot and Orange juice
Cucumber Cooler
Orange juice
Carrot sweety shake
Apple Carrot shake

Check out the recipe video here in the playlist from my youtube channel HemsLobby