Murukku Recipe in Tamil | Thenkuzhal Murukku Recipe in Tamil


  • Prep time – under 10 mins
  • Cook time -under 30 mins
  • Yields – 15- 20

Ingredients needed: 

  • Rice flour/ Idliyappam flour – 2 cups
  • Urad dal flour – 1/4 cup
  • Oil – 2 tblsp
  • Asafoetida – 1/2 tsp
  • Cumin seeds or sesame seeds – 2 tsp
  • Salt and water – As needed
  • Oil – For deep frying


  1. Dry roast ½ cup of urad dal on a medium flame for 5 to 10 mins.
  2. Grind it to a powder and sieve it


  • First, mix rice flour, urad dal flour, oil, asafoetida, jeera,salt well and then add water to make a non-sticky dough with no cracks.
  • Heat oil in kadai side by side, enough to deep fry the murukkus.
  • Fill the murukku press with this dough with murukku hole plate. Grease some ladles/plates and make murukku first in that then drop them in oil. This way we can make perfect shape and prevents us from hot oil spell also.
  • Deep fry in medium flame.
  • Cook both sides till the ‘Shhh’ sound ceases and murukku turn light golden in colour.
  • Drain in paper towel and cool down completely before storing them in airtight containers.

Enjoy this Diwali by preparing this easy Murukku recipe at home.


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