Mutton Biryani in Pressure cooker – Without any Masala powders

Mutton Biryani

Biryani is made differently in many parts of the country. Of course, it is a primary food during most of the festivals. A perfect main dish recipe, this biryani is best served hot with raita for a tempting dinner, and is a true bliss for non-veg lovers. Today I want to share the mutton biryani recipe in my own style which is really simple and more flavor of mutton. So, you are not going to see any special masalas here. You don’t need to buy or grind masalas. We can make it in a pressure cooker as simple. But there is no compromise on the taste and flavor too.

  • Prep Time + rice soaking time: 30 mins
  • Cook Time: 45 -60 mins



Ingredients needed: 

  • Mutton – 350 gms
  • Onion– 1 nos
  • Tomato– 1 nos
  • Ghee as needed
  • Salt as needed
  • Coriander leaves – 1 cup
  • Mint leaves – 1 cup
  • Seeraga samba or Basmati rice – 1 cup
  • Curd – 1 tsp.

To grind:

  • Mint leaves few
  • Coriander leaves few
  • Green chili – 5 or 6

For the Seasoning:

  • Cinnamon – 1-inch piece
  • Cloves – 4 pieces
  • Cardamom – 1
  • Bay Leaves – 1
  • Star anise – 1/2
  • Whole pepper – 1/2 tsp
  • Few Curry leaves
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp.


  1. For 1 cup of Basmati Rice = 1 cup of water
  2. For 1 cup of Seeraga samba Rice = 1 and 1/2 cups of water
  3. 1 cup of rice here is equals 400gms of rice or one full size tea cup size


  • Wash and clean the mutton well; keep it aside
  • Soak rice for 30 minutes
  • Chop Onions and tomatoes length wise
  • Grind all the ingredients listed under “To Grind” with enough water to a paste


  1. Heat ghee in a pressure cooker and add the seasoning items listed above
  2. Add onions, ginger garlic paste and fry until brown
  3. Add half of mint and coriander leaves
  4. Add tomatoes and little salt; cook until it is soft
  5. Add mutton pieces and stir well for 5 to 7 minutes; If you want it to be more spicy add red chili powder or add some more green chili paste.
    • Add 1 cup of water and pressure cook the mutton for 5 or 6 whistles and simmer for 5 mins
    • Open the pressure cooker once all the pressure subsides. Mutton should have been cooked very soft
  1. Now add another 1 and 1/2 cups of water. (for 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water; but rice is already soaked and mutton should have some water. Always adjust this measurement accordingly)
  2. Check for salt. Make sure the water is little salty. Bring it to boil
  3. Once boiling, add the soaked and drained rice to it. Mix gently without breaking the rice.
  4. Pressure cook for 2 whistles only. Leave as it is until it is cook and release all the pressure
  5. Our mutton biryani is now ready to serve. But to make it even more tasty and flavorful, lets put it in a dum /Pressure for another 20 to 30 minutes
  6. Heat a pan/Dosa pan. Let it heat on a high flame. Once it is hot enough simmer and place the biryani pot. Add some ghee , mint+coriander leaves.
  7. Close the lid and put the weight as well to prevent the pressure leaking out.
    1. With this process, biryani will gets even more tastier and fluffier
    2. You can also cover it with an ordinary plate and place a vessel with boiling/hot water on top it.
    3. Either way, biryani will gets its flavor enhanced

Biryani is ready now after 20 to 30 mins.

Yummy delicious and Easy Mutton biryani is ready to serve with Onion Raita.


  • Coconut milk is optional. You can measure coconut milk + water as and 1/2  cup of water for  cup rice
  • Adjust the green chilies as per your need

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