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Low Carb Buddha bowl for weight loss(my version) – Keto Lunch bowl

Healthy balanced meal put together in one meal is a concept of Buddha bowls. It is not exactly a recipe , but a guideline to have a healthy balanced meal. Even before i know this term, i love to eat my meal all in one bowl. Before my low carb lifestyle, i used eat rice, […]

Cooking - Lets make it simple, Lunch box recipe, Rice varieties

Sambar Sadam Recipe in Tamil / Sambar Rice in Tamil / Bisibelebath Recipe in Tamil

Bisi bele bath recipe – bisi bele bath is a tasty, flavourful dish from Karnataka, prepared using rice, toor dal, vegetables and a special spice blend. The name Bisi bele bath itself means hot lentil rice (sambar rice, Karnataka style) Prep time – 30 mins Cook time -30 mins Serves – 2 Ingredients needed:  Raw […]