CROCHET LEARNING#4: How to make Crochet Slip knot

Crochet slip knot is an important step when beginning any crochet project.  So, slip knot is a starting point in crochet.

There are several methods in making a slip knot. But it is very simple to make. I have listed few easy methods of doing it in my video tutorial. Please visit my YouTube channel for clear demonstration (in Tamil).


  • First, pull 8 to 10 inches of yarn from the yarn ball.
  • The working end of the yarn comes from the yarn ball and tail end will be used to make a knot
  • In the video, I have showed 2 simple methods of making slip knot.
  • Please feel free to browse the internet for various techniques available, if my instructions are not clear enough for you to understand.


Note: When you are finished making your crochet slip knot make sure it is not too tight or too loose. This will affect the following steps later

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