Low Carb Bread recipe Using Coconut Flour – Keto / Paleo bread – Gluten and Grain free

Coconut flour is becoming the super hero ingredient in the market. As every body talks about it and various recipes, how will i  miss this. Also after i started doing my low carb diet (neither keto nor paleo), i have been studying a lot and experimenting various recipes. Among all, am just sharing my successful and favorite recipes in my blog /youtube channel. One of such recent hit in my home is coconut flour bread. I am becoming a huge fan of this coconut flour. I have also learned how to make coconut flour at home. yes, you read it right. Not just bread, we can make so many wonder recipes out of it. I will update one by one in my channel as soon as possible.

Now let me share the coconut flour bread recipe.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Baking Time: 30 to  45 mins
  • Yields: 15 slices

Nutritional Value (Per Slice): 

  • Calories: 82.3
  • Carbs: 1.3g
  • Fat:5.4g
  • Protein:2.8g

Ingredients needed: 

  • Coconut Flour  – 1/4 cup
  • Psyillium husk powder – 4 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Baking powder – 1 tsp
  • Eggs  – 6 nos



  • Step 1
    • Mix 4 tsp if Psyillium husk in warm water; mix well and keep aside
  • Step 2
    • Mix Coconut flour + Salt + Baking powder and keep aside
  • Step 3
    • Beat all the 6 eggs together in a bowl
    • Add melted butter to the eggs and mix. Make sure the butter is melted and cooled
    • Add Psyillium husk and beat well until it gets mixed (Hand blender do the best job in beating and mix everything together.)
  • Step 4
    • Mix egg mixture(step 3)+ Dry ingredients (step 2)
  • Step 5
    • Preheat oven to 400F
    • Grease the loaf pan and line up parchment paper
    • Pour in the mixed batter
    • Bake for 20 to 30 minutes (temperature and time might vary depends on the oven)
  • Use tooth pick and check if the bread is cooked well. If tooth pick comes out clean, then perfect
  • Allow it to cool and remove it from the loaf pan
  • Slice it into 12 to 15 pieces

Serve it toasted with butter or as a garlic stick with soups.


  • Coconut flour bread will be little egg taste. If you want you can give a try with 3 whole eggs + 3 egg whites
  • Optionally you can add xanthan gum
Cal Fat Carbs Prot Fiber
Coconut flour 1/4 cup 116 4.2g 16.47g 4.35g 1.7g
Psyillium husk powder 4 tsp 267 0g 0g 0g 56g
Butter 1/4 cup 407 46.3g 0.03g 0.48g 0g
Whole eggs 6 nos 444 29.82 2.28 37.74 0g
Baking soda 1 tsp 0 0g 0g 0g 0g
Tot 15 slices 1234 80.32 18.78 42.57 57.7
Per slice 82.26667 5.354667 1.252 2.838 3.846667

What i have used in this recipe: